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Delivering world wide because is impossible for us to keep track of every law in every country. We have an extremely good reputation in and outside of Holland for delivering super seeds for a sweet price, so spread the word !!!

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Our breeders from Amsterdam develop new marijuana strains all the time to stay ahead of all the other breeders.
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Marijuana can withstand extreme temperatures however it will slow down it's chemical processes so a stable temperature of 20C/68F is best. Under 14C/57F the marijuana plants roots growth will slow down quickly so low temperature will give weak marijuana plants so don't put the pots directly on a cold floor,it will slow down root growth. Over 24C/75F pests will have the perfect place to grow so keeping the temperature in the room stable will save you from a lot of trouble. When you have a 1000 watts or more burning the room will heat up rapidly especialy in summer so a fan might be needed. In winter with the lights on you might not need a fan but when the lights are off for twelve hours the temperature will drop quickly,so you can use a electric or gas heather with a thermostat to keep the temperature stable. If you use a fan don't let it blow to hard directly onto the marijuana plants,to much wind will keep the plant short and it will use it's energy to make a thick stem instead of wide branches.
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