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Delivering world wide because is impossible for us to keep track of every law in every country. We have an extremely good reputation in and outside of Holland for delivering super seeds for a sweet price, so spread the word !!!

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Our breeders from Amsterdam develop new marijuana strains all the time to stay ahead of all the other breeders.
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The easiest way is to remove all marijuana leaves while the marijuana plant is still in it's pot,when all the marijuana leaves are removed you have to cut the pointy leaves sticking out of the marijuana buds. These marijuana leaves will dryout and will spoil your taste and make your marijuana buds taste sharp so giving you a painfull throat. When all non-smokeable stuff is removed the marijuana plants should be hung upside down in a dark well ventilated space, be sure mice and rats won't get to your harvest before you do,they love eating marijuana buds and marijuana seeds. Give your marijuana plant all the time it needs to dry and cure,this process will change the taste of your buds from sharp and unsmokeable to sweet and heavenly tasting marijuana bud. The marijuana buds are ready to smoke when the twigs break instead of bend. Don't use heaters of any sort to speed up this process,it will result in a sharp flat taste !

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