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Delivering world wide because is impossible for us to keep track of every law in every country. We have an extremely good reputation in and outside of Holland for delivering super seeds for a sweet price, so spread the word !!!

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Our breeders from Amsterdam develop new marijuana strains all the time to stay ahead of all the other breeders.
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Indoor/outdoor growing

There a three basic forms of growing,indoors,greenhouse and outdoors. Your choice most probably will depend on local laws and the weather if you can grow legaly outside. Since possesion and growing of marijuana is illegal in most countries I will stick to the subject of indoor growing. I can't realy help with naming the best sort for you to grow since this depends on what you can get locally and also on your taste,so try to find the sort you like to smoke. Also the length of growing and flowering stages differ per variety so do some investegation before you start.

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